Why choose a recycled ink & toner cartridge for your printer? Sometimes referred to as an Off Brand or Compatible Ink & Toner cartridge, these high quality cartridges can save you money and will deliver the same quality printing as the high priced OEM cartridges offer.

It is the same thing as you buy from HP, Brother, Epson, Cannon, etc without the fancy name.. But they cost less. Why? Our cartridges have been remanufactured. This means that the same brand name cartridges have been professionally cleaned, refilled with the same quality ink, and tested for proper functionality. The very same quality product but at substantial savings! All of the cartridges  we sell are from the highest quality manufacturers in the business. Rapid Refill of the Triangle has been serving the Raleigh area for nearly 20 years and we have built our reputation on only selling the highest quality Remanufactured Ink & Toner that is available on the market.  Being a customer of Rapid Refill of the Triangle also means you would get the highest level of customer service, great pricing and FREE delivery on all orders over $50. We will even pick up your empty cartridges at no cost to you. All of our products have a 90 day warranty if, for any reason the recycled Ink & Toner cartridges don’t measure up, you can return them for a full refund. Rapid Refill of the Triangle should be your first choice in quality Remanufactured Ink & Toner cartridges.

The OEM (original equipment manufacturers, HP, Brother, Lexmark, Cannon, etc.) will do everything they can to tell you the remanufactured ink & toner cartridges are not up to their standards. However, our remanufacturing process has been continually improved and perfected over the years. The truth is they simply make a bunch of money selling you their name brand cartridges.

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