What is an OEM ink or toner cartridge? Simply, Original Equipment Manufacturer,
is an ink or toner cartridge that was manufactured by the original manufacturer of
your printer. If it is a Hewlett-Packard printer the cartridge would be
manufactured by HP. If it is Brother or Canon it would be the same thing.

A remanufactured cartridge also known as a generic or recycled ink or toner
cartridge will do exactly the same thing as your OEM cartridge but at a much
lower cost to you. When comparing prices you may see an XL after the number
on the cartridge, that simply means it is a high yield version of the same cartridge
for example an HP 63 and an HP 63XL (either remanufactured or original OEM are
exactly the cartridge the XL simply has twice as much ink as the low yield version.
When comparing prices make sure you are comparing the XL with the XL usually a
much better version than the standard yield.
These replacement cartridges are filled to OEM specs with only the highest quality
products. The page yield will be exactly the same as the OEM products, giving you
quality print jobs at a fraction of the OEM cost.

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